An mobile expense report solution for your needs

The ONexpense expense report software accompanies you daily in the treatment of your expense reports. Our solution adapts to different ways of working of your employees.

Our automated processing software of your expense

We offer a software accessed expense over the world through our online portal. This portal avoids the disadvantages of a local software on company desktops and makes you save resources, a complex upgrade process, this deployment to be achieved on all items. It is recognized that in some large groups, the cost of deploying exceeds € 300. We make you substantial savings through our expense report software.

No need to plan a heavy deployment process of expense report software throughout the company, our software dedicated to the expense report is available on each workstation with an internet connection and each new feature in our software will not require a new installation to manage again your expense reports.

On this online portal you can like all expense report management software manually enter your various expenses, however we offer a turnkey solution and easy to use.

Requiring very little processing time, each employee transferred all of its expense taken directly with their mobile phone iPhone. If it does not have this type of smartphone ONexpense our expense report software can be used directly from our portal.

After transferring all its digitized received our expense software will process all expense transferred directly into our Cloud and notify as soon as they are processed.

Thereafter your employees can easily organize their expense reports through various customized reports and easily editable in the most used formats in business (Excel, Word, …). Moreover our expense report software can easily export each report to transmit your accounting center for example.

ONexpense an expense report software adapted to mobility

If like many of our customers, your employees are workers traveling a lot and storing every week many notes on the go (catering costs, note mileage, accommodation costs).

We offer in addition to our online expense report software an expense report software on iPhone. This application has the advantage of being accessible to all of your employees with an iPhone that can be installed our expense report software.

The convenience of having constantly self-loading software of its expense, avoids storing a mountain received from tolls, restaurants, hotels, … and consequently the stray and they can not subsequently enter into a software expense not suitable for the mobility of your employees.

Download application expense reportThis application simplifies the processing of expense reports, here need to access our online expense report software. Your employees have access to all the benefits of our solution directly in their pocket.

Featuring an ergonomic interface and designed for the mobility of your mobile workers, our expense processing software 100% automatically prevents your staff from tedious entered in austere accounting software and not tailored to their business.

In this application, they easily find all their receipts classified by their central spending and directly transferable for validation. The only action they have to do is start the expense report management software for iPhone and ONexpense to photograph the receipt.

The expense report will be stored on the phone and sent our automated processing platform when an internet connection is available. Just as our online software, once an expense report is processed, it can be notified directly on their smartphone. It may later be integrated into an existing or a new report. This expense report is automatically archived in our solution so that it is available all the time.

Why not try ONexpense?

So we offer a note of fully automatic charge processing software, responding to different needs and constraints of all of your employees.

  • An expense report processing software online for your employees do not have smartphone or preferring quickly process their entire expense report in one go without it taking them a long time.
  • An iPhone application that has all the advantages of online software processing expense report, but to accompany your employees or yourself in their mobility.

Our partnership with Microsoft Azure cloud allows us to reserve a space treatments and dedicated storage, regardless of the number of expense report submitted by our ONexpense software. From 1 to 10 or from 100 to 1,000,000, our solution supports the installed capacity dynamically and without delay with a fair price tailored to your needs.

Our solution in the cloud allows us to offer a software scalable expense and constantly innovation. By subscribing to our services you no longer have to worry whether you have the latest software, it takes care of everything! The online expense report software will be automatically updated seamlessly to your company. The update of the application of smartphone expense report shall notify all of your users when a new update is available.

By subscribing to our free trial offer, you will have access to all the benefits of both our solutions and we are sure that as many customers before you, our automatic fresh notes software will meet the expectations of all your employees and simplify the management of the expense report within your company. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you!