Management expense

Simplify management, save time!

I – What is the expense report

Fee notes, also called business expenses are all expenses invested by the employee or company manager during his mission. These can have different types (hotel, restaurant, travel, …).

One thing appears in all growing companies, how to make an effective management notes of fees?

II – How to manage expense reports?

Expense management is not an easy task. Indeed, the expense escaping the social contributions, the controls are numerous and rigorous; making it the second controllable budget after salaries.

The first difficulty is encountered when checking a possible abuse of an employee so that it does not pass on personal purchases on behalf of your company. Further constraints are added depending on the nature of the note. Your expense report management becomes even longer:

  • Business lunch, you should keep your restaurant bill and insert the name and quality of the guests present. Attention repetitive lunches can be considered as benefits in kind.
  • Accommodation of an employee, justified by the invoice and without excess in ancillary services such as telephone charges, room service, …
    Note that accommodation is provided that the employee is either more than 50km from home (minimum threshold set by the administration) that the public transport conditions do not allow him to go in less than 1:30.
  • Mileage charges, justified by the fuel bills. The scale varies depending on the fiscal power of the employee’s vehicle. Attention commuting are not included as an expense. Make sure you obtain a copy of the vehicle registration.

In your management expense reports, be sure to keep all your notes as the sole evidence in your possession

You will understand, manage expense reports quickly proves daunting and time consuming. The goal that everyone so trying to achieve is to optimize its management of expense reports.

III – Optimize its expense management

mobile-expense-report-logoToday ONexpense offers automatic management to expense reports. In a world where time becomes more valuable as it is vital to save any minute.

Expense management easily from a few hours to several days depending on the size of your company and the number of employees. Turn this chore today in daily habit of two minutes and simplify your life.

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With ONexpense application, achieve its expense management has never been easier. Each element has been carefully designed to ensure comfort in use, to taking pictures.

Open and add a note using the camera from applying ONexpense guarantees best results by showing you in real time how much frame your ticket.

Say goodbye to forgotten

With ONexpense, management expense becomes so fast, no need to keep your receipt and losing. In two minutes, send your ticket on our servers for fully automated processing. And if you do not have time you can always do that when arriving at the office thanks to the web platform.

No doubt, no errors

Thanks to the web platform, you can always check an expense of one of your employees. Quickly find abuse by filtering by date of dispatch, billing date or by employee. Keep control of your management expense.

No need to keep your miles and notes!

Since Article 289a of the CGI, the electronic form is evidence just as a hard copy. No need to lose yourself in the binders of notes, ONexpense offers a hosting solution for all of your notes.

The larger the company is large (large number of employees), it becomes difficult to check and do your expense report management. With ONexpense, a simple picture the dedicated application will be sufficient. Connect later on the web platform and find in one place all of your notes!

Need a report during a check? Simply download your report in the desired period on the web platform with automatic management system expense open your archive containing all the photos of credit card slips, export those documents to XLS, CSV, PDF

Keep an eye on your account

With an intelligent interface, go straight to the point and get a glance summary of your management expense with the total rebate you will receive. All in real time. Since the application, pull the top down list to get the latest information from the server and find all the information that interests you.


Tired of wasting time searching all the information on your ticket during your management expense? With ONexpense is your entire ticket which is scanned to the management of multi VAT! And that, for any ticket.