ONexpense, expense report application for you

An ordeal that has lasted long enough!

Fresh notes are often a taboo subject or a source of contention whether in business or in households. This is indeed a great source of money movement and therefore a sensitive topic at all levels.

Between time spent every weekend or every end of the month to scan all supporting documents, decrypt and extract every detailed information, these are the hours lost employee productivity! Not to mention the lost receipts can rise to over a hundred euros per year for an employee.

Many points that a good application note can solve fees.


Turn the hours spent in minutes

And if it was time to think of the expense report otherwise? Considerable time savings can be done at several levels and benefit the largest number in the whole process of applying expense report.

On the one hand as an employee, with a simple picture of your receipts with your application expense favorite smartphone, your receipts are scanned, clipped and recognized by the android applicaDownload application expense report ONexpensetion note ONexpense fees (also available on iPhone and Windows Phone). The recognition fills in the date, the breakdown by VAT, the type of expenditure and that, whatever the country where the expenditure was made. Fees are ONexpense enforcement together in a report that can be sent directly to the accounting department for a quick refund. Therefore finite leaks in personal cash and discord in the household that result. Find your productivity with the application note ONexpense fees.

On the other hand, for the company, through a centralization of information of all employees in the expense web application. The data acquisition, verification and validation become quick and efficient process: money flows fees are well known and mastered.

Designed for Mobility

Because mobile expense report ONexpense has been designed thinking of the main users, ie the homeless, the key steps are easily attainable at any moment and from anywhere using a simple smartphone. Whether the output of a restaurant, a taxi, a hotel on a motorway service area or simply the office, it is very easy to photograph new supporting or check / change the receipts already sent. The rule is simple: if you have your smartphone at hand, you also have your application note ready to serve you fresh.

Forget the loss of receipts

Who has never lost proof of expense of tens of euros or more? Thanks to the iPhone application ONexpense expense report, this is only a bad memory. Upon receipt of proof, start the application and let it guide you in the intelligent picture taking that guarantees optimum automatic recognition of the content. Cellular connection on your smartphone is sufficient to send the picture is taken immediately. And since January 2013 as a photo of proof is admissible and sufficient evidence, you do not have to worry about the original proof! You can ask the application note costs you make an archive of all supporting as necessary.

Advanced features

Export your expense reports intelligently

expense report solution logo

Whatever the conditions imposed within your enterprise, ONexpense expense report application adapts to all applications. Whether you want to group your expense per mission, by date or by type of expenditure, it is very intuitive to create reports through the expense account web application.

It is then possible to export reports in the most popular file formats, from the gross (CSV) to copy formatting (PDF) via the spreadsheet (Excel). Enough to satisfy any direction according to their demands!

Manage all of your company’s employees

ONexpense can also go further because it is an expense of enterprise application where you can manage your company’s hierarchy. Each employee can be in the lap of a manager who can then see all the reports sent to validation by his subordinates to accept or reject them. The employee then receives a notification informing the status of his report with a comment for refusal and can quickly correct errors.

In short a simple and complete process workflow around the expense report is integrated directly into the expense report application to allow you to manage your small to medium business without plug or specific development.

Integrate into your existing ONexpense

You already have a solid set of software to manage the accounts of your business but you lack the automation of data extraction? Web services expense web application are provided precisely for these cases. They allow you to control 100% of the features present on the Notes application completely autonomously costs, freeing you from the web or mobile interface.

It is then easy to imagine such a sharepoint application expense report if your business has an offer Office365 Sharepoint or a dedicated server.

Free test all features

Want to try ONexpense free? The free application is available expense report for an entire month without constraint. Just why create an account.

You can then enjoy all the features of the PRO version. We are sure that you can not do without, so go ahead, it’s time to download application note costs today!