The context of the dematerialisation and accounting software

Since the growing dematerialisation tools, accounting software began their transformation. Electronic invoicing is one of the features of the accounting software however assisted processing of expense reports is a recent feature.

To date there is no standard governing an invoice format, EDI attempts often too complex, costly development work, redesign of an organization, these software technologies are often reserved for large groups.

As for the expense report, the main obstacle to the expense report is related to credit card slips format. The standards do not exist, in many cases there is a handwritten document. Integration into accounting software is complex and requires dedicated resources. ONexpense through integration into accounting software is simplified.

How easy

ONexpense complements the accounting software and is simple to use. Download applicationIl is to take a picture (with your smartphone, iPhone) the expense account (the application available on the Apple Store), and validate a framed picture, logo-onexpense_-v2_nde-_copyright_500pix1thanks to ONexpense software. ONexpense The software assists the user automatically ONexpense uses software technologiesTélécharger application “MACHINE LEARNING” to recognize a credit card slip, it is sent to our secure servers. The servers analyze the image and recognize the content. This is called a semantic processing of credit card slip which aims to fill a document with significant numbers. The accounting software plugin automatically fills a listing so that the user is repaid quickly. This process simplifies all treatments accounting software.

Who are our customers

Our scope of action is universal, it comes to traveling any person to be reimbursed for travel expenses, his costs of representation, its operating costs.

Simplify the paperwork through ONexpense, accounting software is more efficient.

Commercial sales representatives, constantly on the road, its costs are numerous, the sums involved are large, on-site technicians are constantly asked to intervene in all conditions. Add to this unanticipated costs, longer durations of interventions, all these contingencies involve a prepayment fee. The accounting software becomes a critical application, as it must ensure the repayment of expense as quickly as possible.

An invitation with important customers, the note is salty, for business one must greet customers in good condition, give them a good image of the company and is the same.

However reimbursement must be fast. As such, the ONexpense tools are adapted to major accounting software, innovation and technology are a winning combination for future companies who know how to integrate new functions to accounting software.

nt a listing so that the user is repaid quickly. This process simplifies all treatments accounting software.

The solutions for our customers

logo-application-expense-reportONexpense is a universal solution for processing the expense report tailored to accountant.
For many years, the internal and external accounting services deal with non-standard documents. They must break down the numbers into appropriate accounts to the user to be reimbursed based on business rules. ONexpense allows integration with software simple and efficient accounting.

How to treat non-standardized documents:

Users must take a picture with their smartphone (the application is available from the Apple store), this application has been developed to make it simpler the treatment of the expense report.

Image processing allows us to understand the semantics of the document, information is recorded directly in the accounting software after being verified. All transactions are recorded for purposes of verification and security. In the near future certain steps will be reduced in order to increase productivity and simplify processing.


The solution chosen by ONexpense is the AZURE CLOUD. The CLOUD is sometimes difficult to grasp, however the benefits are many.

More secure, more availability for accounting software. The expense report is processed in a AZURE CLOUD environment.

A particularly busy time of year, the CLOUD is present to respond to such solicitation. Accounting software with the extension expense report will benefit from the rise in automatic server power to offset this demand extra work.

The endless updates, the risk of failure, this time is over. The servers are always up to date, applications such as accounting software also benefit from these functions. The organization of servers is designed so that applications must be validated on an environment called “STAGING” before moving on production servers.

We immediately understand the savings with this architecture, a fixed cost, no update, no purchase of new servers to overcome the shortcomings of your accounting software resources.

Your DSI will focus on business applications that will be sources of income, the next steps will be simple and effective. Changes in accounting software will be easier to predict.

The export requirements internationally. Your employees will use a new accounting software with an extension expense report. With ONexpense, the software is designed for all countries, a knowledge base allows to recognize the profile of the expense report, it adapts depending on local taxes.

Multilingual necessary for your affiliates, all our interfaces are adaptable for all European languages, extensions will be available for other alphabets.

Financial costs

The expenditures are known in advance, the subscription is risk-free because the costs are studied more just to benefit the users of the new technology without paying the price FORT without pay “contract amendments.” Automatic changes in our software will enrich your accounting software.

  • For independent users pricing studied from 4.90ht / month is proposed.
  • As for professionals, the price offers a specialized service from 6.90ht / month.
  • Companies are not forgotten, on the contrary a customized study will be proposed to study as accurately a suitable cost and integration with their accounting software, a solution according to their requirements.
  • For accountants, our software will be adapted to their accounting software

The result

ONexpense with a simple solution for accounting firms and also for independent, simple and effective our expense report management solution tailored to accounting software will give full satisfaction.